UFC 259 Free Fight: Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa

פורסם בתאריך 19 פבר 2021
A stacked UFC 259 featuring three title fights is right around the corner on Saturday, March 6. Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya will move up a weight class to take on light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz in the main event. Watch Adesanya's last title defense against Paulo Costa at UFC 253 last year on Fight Island to get ready for UFC 259.
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  • Mero Mero Vs. Adesanya II PLEASE

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  • I must have watched this about 10 times now. Lookin forward to this weekends fight 🤟🤟

  • he was drunk guys relax

  • Hangover 4

  • Who else re watching bc costa said he was drunk while fighting 🤣

  • Izzy was 5 times as fast as costa

  • So excited for Saturday, ufc making covid its bitch with these cards

  • Gynobender

    • I was little bit drunk men

  • Izzy is like Jon Jones but sober

    • Jones didn't ko people like this

  • Perhaps one of the worst performances for a challenger literally had zero moments and didn't really ever go for it just a deer in the headlights....

  • 안될거같으니까 도발하는거보소

  • Paulo’s fuckin drunk LMAO

  • dominick cruz: costa smelt like alcohol and cigarettes

  • Izzy acts so goofy he gets his opponents in a state of mind they aren't used to being in during a fight. Even if just a second they think wtf is he doing that's less time they're thinking about their strategy

  • But he was drunk guys!

  • The first round is way more competitive than I remember. Izzy obviously won it but Costa didnt look as terrible as I thought.

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  • Ese loko es un peliador completo puño y patada ah corta distancia Esa patada bueno canillazoo fue es difícil x la distancia ese loko la tiene el mejor peliador completo

  • Why in the heck didn’t Costa take him down to the ground?!

    • bcz he cant wtf if kelvin romero and tavares cant what chance does costa have. why should he waste his energy

  • Paulo should stop talking trash and show some respect, lesson learnt.

  • Who’s here after seeing the video of Costa saying that he was drunk for this fight?

    • He ended the night face down ass up, so maybe that's how all his party nights end?

  • This is Paulo face while he’s getting did from the back 👁👄👁

  • Is anyone else seeing this, or is it just me? All Costa did was fake, fake, fake, and then threw a punch or kick here and there, letting Israel take his time to knock him out. It's not just muscles, people. It's brain power, too. When you're stupid, you're pretty screwed in every field of life. I knew of the get-go that Costa was gonna get knocked out.

  • they say im drunk

  • Early Stoppage but who cares. Costa sucks 😂. Can’t wait for Israel to lose

  • Israel has one of the most unaesthetic physiques especially compared to Costa.

    • @khony 'el eagle' fergumedov I wasn't talking about relative to mma. I meant regardless his physique isn't aesthetic.

    • physiques dont mean shit in mma

  • Igual soy peleador pero no sé dónde entrenar algún lugar que me recomienden ando por California

  • 3:40 is when Israel realised the pattern.

  • when Griffin beat Rampage by basically leg kicking the crap out of him I was bored and kind of disappointed. Now I love watching people get their leg absolutely destroyed. What a sport!

  • Look how much fun adesanya is having.

  • Costa only excuses 🤣

  • There is more action when 2 ladies fight with theyr purse, had enough if those boring fights...


  • Adesanya is like this annoying kid who plays Mortal Kombat with you and uses only one OP move all the time.

  • Paula Costa was drunk the whole fight. We need a rematch please

  • Whos here after Costa said he was drunk for this fight

  • "He smelled like wine and cigarettes " Izzy on Costa after the fight 🤣

  • Costa was drunk....

  • So I'm a fight tomorrow so I'm a get drunk the night before. What happen to getting drunk after the win? He is trying to pull a Mike Tyson.

  • Buena pelea hermano

  • Bring in John Jones that’s the fight everyone wants to see

  • Course Israel got him. Still rooting for Costa, doesn't matter

  • Dude, Costa's bulge has got to be a handicap.

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  • Look at the difference between Costa's leg at the star and end of round 1 holy shit

  • I bet he wished he never waived him in for those leg kicks in round one

  • Anyone else come back to watch this cause Costa said he was drunk? 😂😂

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  • so fucking painful to watch all these leg kicks

  • Lol Costa was drunk

  • Viva Afrika

  • تحيا إفريقيا

  • With that much cockiness fighting the champion, I’m glad Costa lost.

  • To be young with health. Enjoy, God bless you both.

  • Boring slow aas fight

  • Yeah Costa looks hungover... *face palm*

  • This fight is officially a SCAM. This is not sober Costa. Sober Costa stops him in 1 minute.

    • Dude im clearly joking. The sober Costa meme must live on. Just like motivated mcgregor

    • No way you think that lol

    • Costa must be very low iq if he genuinely drank himself to sleep 3 hours before he had to be awake lol, what a sad, and stupid excuse. especially when he had the belt and his flawless win-streak on the line, even the dumbest fighters in the league know better

  • 4:35 Wooooo

  • 10:40 for slo mo cheek busting🤣

  • What he did after the ref called it was BS. Sick dude

  • This is why "Walking away" is the best tactic to fighting lmao, Israel got legs that could step across the ocean and arms to slap you across the border, I would never fight him. Isael's main tactic is walking away too, incidentally. lmao.

  • So costa was drunk and isreal had a mini titty?

  • I thought Costa was trying to gas him out.

  • Dana white wosn’t happy to see adasanya winning....🤣

    • No, Dana White wasn’t happy because Izzy was talking to him about punishments for missing weight or something.

  • Adesanya you the best

  • Costa was trying so hard to be a bully in round 1 but he was just getting completely dumpster'd on, makes it all the more embarrassing lol. Understand why Izzy did what he did after all that disrespect.

  • Adesanya only dancing 🤦‍♂️this is not a fight

  • hmm he doesn't seem drunk to me

  • When izzys punches land they sound like hit markers😂

  • His last fight will be against the polish guy!! Clown

  • Whos here after costa said he was drunk????

  • Izzy feet are way longer then costa

  • People just ignoring the fact that this fight literally proved izzy is on steroids 😂. Look at that gyno

  • And he said. He's drunk

  • The bruises on Costa's legs are not from Adesanya's kicks.

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  • he was kicking the shit out his leg bul

  • Loved Izzy up until the dry hump. Now I think he's a petty low human being. It said a lot about his character to not be able to control his emotions, be the bigger man and set a good example for how honor is a part of the sport and life. I hope Izzy gets smashed by the Polish Hammer but I see Izzy winning that too.

    • @Jared Sabovitch No, I understood you. If one meaningless hump was the difference between you “loving” a fighter to “hoping” they get “smashed” you were a fake fan.

    • @daze - Telltale Sh!tposts You have a serious issue with reading comprehension hey? I don't even need to insult you, that's how bad that was lol.

    • If you “loved” Izzy you wouldn’t hope he’d get smashed.

  • I’m not saying I believe Paulo Costa but he did fight like he was drunk 🤣🤣🤣

    • He looked completely fine in the first round then he just started fading every second the round went lmao

    • Waiting for him to accuse Izzy of slipping a roofie in his water.

    • 😂

    • That's why I'm here

  • The speed of the lean back hook that Izzy dropped Costa with is insane. 9:54

  • He was drunk xd

  • if only Costa fight the way he fought Yoel.... be the aggressor.

    • He did. It’s just that each time he tried to Adesanya moved out the way and/or countered him.

  • Esta torturando esa Pantorrilla ll Campeón para Luego atacar ll Cuerpo con conversaciones 👹👹👹🦁🦁🦁💪💪💪💯💯💯💯

  • I don’t see any wine bottles Paulo...

  • Adesanya, a chessmaster on the octagone, any move is well calculated, it is just a pleasure to watch him....

  • 🖤🌹💜

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  • Adesanya standing fighter 🖤

  • 10:47 😂🤣😆

  • My man was had a hangover

  • Pablo costa por payaso

  • Costa's best moment was the first 2 minutes. He was losing but not as convincingly as the rest 🤣

  • Oh I drunk the night before. And I was hungover the night of the fight thats why I lost.- Costa

  • Wpierdoli Blachowiczowi

  • Apparently Costa was DRUNK🤣

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  • Vettori: 🇮🇹 "hype don't win fights. There's levels to this game and he's not on my level. He won't be the same guy after the 1st round" Tavares: 🇺🇲 "he's extremely delusional. I'm gona show him I'm the superior fighter" Brunson: 🇺🇲 "you too skinny bro, you built like a Senior citizen" Gastelum: 🇲🇽 "I see no pop in those punches" Whittaker: 🇦🇺 "he's not as good as he thinks he is. It'll be short and sweet brother, I guarantee it. I bring a different level of heat" Romero: 🇨🇺 "I finish him. I finish him (round) 3 or 4 he need to be careful in 3 and 4 I'm a dangerous fighter in number 3 and 4" Costa: 🇧🇷 "I will smash that skinny clown Adesanya. I will broke him. He's nothing" Jan Blachowicz: 🇵🇱 "I will knock him out in the second round with head kick. He will remember me forever"

  • Only Blachowicz !

  • Came back to watch after Costa claimed to be drunk off wine during this fight...😁